Two New Works and Some Texts

Installation View, Luxelakes A4 Art Museum, Chengdu, China


两件新作和一些文本 / Two New Works and Some Texts

从A到C观墨和水 II





Water-scape Study II

On a small island with one tree, I spent five hours alone, looking at the transformation of the water. This is all about the change of water, and I hope to focus on it.

Nano Cooper

I published a scientific paper in the sub-journal of Nature ten more years ago, which explore to smash the large particles of copper oxide into nano-sized particle of metal copper through the discharge/charge cycle of cellphone. Now I attempt to make those incomprehensible scientific theories to be visible for the public. Do not rely on any camera and lens, I directly make image experiments on large-scale X-Ray films in the darkroom, and disclose the minute difference via lots of repetitive work. I suppose It is very similar to the process of chemistry experiment.

Lin Ye & Zhang Jin, Re-read the Book of Moholy-Nagy