Talk with Scientists

Installations of View, Museum of Contemporary Art Chengdu, Chengdu, China


和科学家聊天 / Talk with Scientists



策展人 / 李杰

Melamine, the chemical flame retardant additive abbreviated as ME ,was known for its adulteration in the “toxic milk scandal” in the collective memory of Chinese people. The guidance of public opinion added to the social events has deprived “ME” of its neutral position. As an artist with a PhD in Chemistry, how to reconstruct the tale of “ME” through cooperation with scientists between art and science has become the motivation of experimentation of Zhang Jin. The final presentation of “ME” consisted of ready-mades, workbenches, video and installations in the museum, will restore the history of “ME” and activated a more realistic physical memory.

The present show of “ME” is an experimental slice of the project, we have selected the video installations and of the project and hope to offer the audiences an alternative understanding of “ME” as an objective thing, through the static and the dynamic by switching between the macro and the micro point of view, and to trigger a reconsideration of the carrier of the social memory as well.

Curator / Li Jie