Nano Copper

Installations of View, Leo Gallery, Shanghai, China


纳米铜 / Nano Copper



The question, Why you make artworks instead of being an chemist basis on my chemistry PHD background, is always a matter for me. From resistance, perfunctory, and now I gladly accepted. I suppose that it is time to re-examine this part of my personal history. I always stand to benefit from my scientific training while starting new project.

I published a scientific paper in the sub-journal of Nature ten more years ago, which explore to smash the large particles of copper oxide into nano-sized particle of metal copper through the discharge/charge cycle of cellphone. Now I attempt to make those incomprehensible scientific theories to be visible for the public. Do not rely on any camera and lens, I directly make image experiments on large-scale X-Ray films in the darkroom, and disclose the minute difference via lots of repetitive work. I suppose It is very similar to the process of chemistry experiment.