Last Year in New York

Installations of View, Koganecho Bazaar, Yokohama, Japan


去年在纽约 / Last Year in New York

在横滨我更常将这个城市跟纽约做比较,而不是我居住的成都,曾居纽约的身体记忆也越来越接近真实,其实那时并不像我现在所讲述的那么美好。在那里我是一个失语者是一条弱链接,很多时间里,自己成了自己的他者(the Other),作品也正是从这里开始。而今天社交媒体正占据着很多人的生活空间,所以我更强调直接交流,去获取一手经验。


In Yokohama I would like to compare this city with New York rather than Chengdu, and it seems that memories of New York City were getting much closer to contemporary reality, and it reminded me that I was once a speechless person and had very weak link with society at the beginning. Now Mass medias are occupying many people’s private/public spaces, but face-to-face communication is more interesting, and I suppose the first-hand experience is more important. It is the start point of my work.

My cooperator, Professor Ling, tried to simulate an abstract localization landscape about individual communication, whereas one person try to influence another person, and gradually generate a society order. If he / she is a weak link in the social relationship, it will be out of tune. Based on local information, we would like to disclose some possible dynamic structure In Koganecho.